Pete has been a TV Sportscaster, a leader at The Walt Disney Company, and a leadership consultant for local government. 

Oh, and by the way...His parents were happily married for 44 years before they decided to get divorced. He lived in Florida for over 30 years and never had an issue with hurricanes, and then he moves to Alabama and has his home destroyed by an EF-3 tornado. He was on Wheel of Fortune and stood right next to the first ever million dollar winner while he kept hitting "bankrupt". Both his mom and sister died of breast cancer. A car wash fell on him. His wife coaches him constantly that his mouth is going to get him into trouble. His kids get embarrassed by him on most public outings.

However, though all of this, he realizes how important it is to get up and live every day like it is your last day. He is passionate about customer service and effective leadership, and believes that you truly cannot have one without the other.

Pete wants to help your management team understand what a vital role they play as leaders, and he wants your employees to understand how enhancing their customer service skills will benefit them and their company.

He did write a book called Employee Engagement: Lessons from the Mouse House, and his second book titled Pick up the Roach: Why Great Leaders do the Little Things is currently in production.

Pete is the perfect keynote or breakout speaker for your company or conference as long as you want a speaker who...

• is friendly, outgoing, extroverted, funny, self-deprecating, and just a nice guy.
• uses personal experience and storytelling, along with current research, to keep your audience actively engaged
• will genuinely make your employees laugh, think, and then apply what they learned.
• is low maintenance.

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